Black thunder
Black thunder
Black thunder

Black thunder

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Thunder. The sound of lightning. Rumbling somewhere far away or exploding right above you. A classic, historical sound. Some love it, most dogs don’t. Magnificent, and dangerous, maybe even poetic. 

Imagine a person having all these imagine that person being impossible concept, you might think. Until now...

Insert Black Thunder! Wait, black what? Yes, that’s right - Black Thunder!

Not just black, not just thunder, but Black Thunder. Forged with raw materials from the earth and pink lighting.

But if anyone asks, just say it’s made with 

Sustainable (locally thrifted) and carefully collected materials.

85% glass and ceramic beads 

15% Wood and plastic beads

Passion and care for the art of collecting 


Carries the wait of quality and can speak for its self, but also very suitable for adding layer and depth to any other necklace.

One of a kind & made by pearlsforpigs