Wellcome to pearlsforpigs ūüíó¬†
If you have questions, please contact me at 
email: contactpearlsforpigs@gmail.com
Practical info
Jewelry has no gender.  All it requires to use it, is a head with ears for dangly things and a neck attached to a body for presentation 

I ship worldwide from Denmark and accept all currencies.
Due to covid restrictions please allow anywhere between 1 - 4 for your order to arrive.
You will receive an email with shipping information as soon as your order is on its way. 

Ethical information 
In an effort not to lucrate on struggles that are not my own and in acknowledgement 
that some words become fashion, 20% of the price on items containing politically
fueled words will go to the relevant cause. 
The charity is decided on every tenth sale by Instagram voters.

While not 100% glitzy, the packaging is recycled an invironment friendly.
And have no fear, my sticker game is lit! And there are all ways freeb
Shop policies
 Some products are delicate and I am not a trained jeweller.
If something breaks write me and we will figure something out.